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As a start-up game we are looking for people willing to advertise with us. We have three types of advertising. Advertisements should be safe for work.

In Game System Advertise Message

Slots: 4, none taken
Price: €2,00 / month
Info: Every 60 minutes in game, if someone is online, a random advertise message shall be shown, it may contain one safe link and max 100 characters.


Size: 728 x 90 pixels, max 150kb, file type: gif.


Slots: 20, none taken
Price: €5,00 / month
Info: Advertisement that will be shown on every page. People will be rewarded to click on your advertisement.


Platorm: YouTube.

Slots: 15, none taken
Price: €10,00 / month
Info: People are encouraged to visit the theather once a day to watch a video, which can be yours!


Pony Master Quest is an RPG where you can create charachters, group up with friends, crawl dungeons together or alone, defeat bosses, grab some loot. You're charachters will gain exp, and you can give them awesome, well earned equips..



Design and testing


Current state: Closed Beta 01-april-2020

Expected release date: Open Beta 10-october-2020



When the bar reaches 100% it means we still need to test and work on some major design and sound and animation things. This will have an additional completion line. But we are very very close to the testing phase. Finishing up items this week, and tweaking (boss) HP and (boss) damage.

A team is currently working on this game. We have some musicians, and some artists working on it. We are still looking for beta testers for when it goes into the closed beta mode! Contact us if youd be intrested! It would be very much apreciated.

About the game...


Thousands of years have passed, but the academy of friendship still lingers on! Now more then every, we need brave students to bring ballance to this world... Friendship is magic! So you are never alone!


It is a game that you can play in your browser (desktop). You can create multiple characters (Earthpony, Pegasus, Unicorn, Dragon, Yak, Changeling, Gryphon, Hippogryf, Buffalo and Kirin). Durring the game you can crawl dungeons (divided in levels). Each dungeon room has up to 4 monsters. You can choose up to 4 charachters per room when fighting in a dungeon room. You can also play with friends, so they can fight alongside you! Each charachter has their unique strengths and weaknesses. The fights are turn-based. Most charachters and monsters fall in one of these four category's:
Damage: They focus mainly on dealing damage to the oposing side.
Tank: They absorb damage and/or reduce damage to their friends. They often have good buffs for their team!
Healer: They heal their team.
Special Effects: They specialise in tricks and deal special effects to the oposing team, like poison, sleep, petrify and many more!


Currently, we expect the closed beta to be up and running on March the first of this year!

We expect the open beta to be released near june or july of this year!
Open Beta means the game will be playable, but will need some bug fixes and graphic updates.

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